How to check buyer’s previous reviews : before taking an order at fiverr

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How to check buyer’s previous reviews : before taking an order at fiverr 
say one new client knock you : 

user name: mithundhar896 

search google by :
================= “mithundhar896” 
[this actually find only and search engine find the word “mithundhar896” – and we know at seller’s dashboard all of the buyer’s reviews are open – so google will find some result with some seller’s profile where the buyer named “mithundhar896” – add some reviews ] 

codemanbd fiverr

 see snap- you will get some google result 

now go to the links
search : CHTRL+F– with the buyer name: mithundhar896 

get some previous review by the buyer “mithundhar896″to another seller like you : (see 3 snap)
result -01 // seller01

result -02 // seller02

result -03 // seller03

see the buyer mostly give bad reviews – so we should not take his order as we check the history.thinking about his rating is always good or always bad or average .. we can keep ourselves safe! 

besides skip below countries client initially 

  1. indian buyer– sometimes he is so cheap- and ask to do lot more works after hiring, which was not told before order 
  2. chaina buyer: they are so confused , sometimes they even don’t know what they want. so they change decisions and tasks fast – which is harmful and cause bad rating 
  3. nizeria buyer : they want everything for $5 – as its fiverr 🙂 as tech/web is newly invented there – so lots of clients are Nigerian – and they are so cheap
  4. israil buyer:mostly confused about seller’s ability and try judge more – rather then assigning tasks.
  5. female buyer: (with respect to all of females) initially I will ask to skip all types of female buyers, as they are so choosy and sometimes for small amount they waste lots of your time – I had to do 137 revisions at a landing page for only $5 orders 

 this country also have some good clients but as most of my students experiences are bad – with them try skipping them initially – as first 3 reviews are so important.  

keep to up my freelancers !

Minhazul Asif 
founder & lead instructor 
codemanbd education 

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